Meditation is a funny subject. 


Unless you've been living in a cave somewhere (in which case you're probably already enlightened or a little bit crazy), you can't escape the news that meditation is a powerful practice


And can also be so hard to do in your busy life.


Ever wondered why YOU haven’t been able to make it happen? 


Have you heard other people talk about how it’s changed their life and found yourself feeling perplexed? 


Maybe you’ve tried it and your mind wouldn’t stop thinking, or you couldn’t relax. Or maybe you found it boring and a waste of time. Or perhaps you know it works but you just can't seem to build a regular practice.


How about if I told you that all you REALLY needed to do was find a way to meditate that was designed for YOU, that works in your busy life exactly as it is? 

You're unique and your meditation practice should be too.


“3 months on and I can genuinely say her teachings have made a positive impact on my life.” 

- Marie Christine

Hi, I’m Laura

I help people just like you to harness the power of meditation to become calm, confident and clear. Guiding you to a more rich, meaningful, and engaging life that you can live wholeheartedly. 

That's my ninja skill.

Making meditation attainable and accessible, no matter what your life looks like.

What would it mean for you if I told you that meditation is EXACTLY the thing you've been looking for to feel less stressed, get out of overwhelm and build a life that's meaningful?

That it will do more than just calm your body and mind (although it will do that too!).  

In fact, the benefits of meditation will sneak their way into every part of your life;  body, mind and soul.

I know because it happened to me and I help my clients to find the same.  

"What stood out for me (apart from what a genuinely lovely person Laura is) was her ability to explain and demonstrate the benefits of having a modern day meditation practise and how much easier it was to fit meditation and mindfulness into my busy life than I originally thought”